Marble tile

Marble Tile has taken its place among the most important items of today’s architecture. In addition to the area where to lay the marble, the color and the pattern of product, the references shown by the previously used projects can be stated among the elements determining the choice of user in marble tile. Decision about marble tile depends on the objective assessments based on physical data such as the strength, toughness and water absorption rate of stone in addition to subjective assessments such as individual pleasures and preferences.

The choice on marble tile is to be made by the type and dimensions of the area where the tile is going to be used; whether the place is indoor or outdoor; the density of human traffic and many such elements. For example, we, as Efendioğlu Mermer, suggest our products named Agora Beigeand Vizon Beige to the large fields with its corrosion – resistant, highly tough structure and the color to give a refreshing atmosphere as the marble tile to be used in the projects where there is the high human traffic. For another example, the products such as Equator Marmara and Silver Marmara with anti – bacterial features are suggested as the marble tiles for the fields to interact with the water such as the bathroom.

The most important feature of the marble tile is to appeal to the pleasure. For example, in Efendioğlu Mermer, while Active Beige and Olive Avantgarde are the favorable options for the ones to bring the dynamism forward as marble tile; Equador Marmara and Vizon Beige are well for the ones to catch the modern appearance and also Agora Beige and Maroon Marinace are the right options for the ones to gain prestige.

One of the most important elements to reflect the quality and natural beauty of marble tile is the foreman who is the master of his field. In addition to the harmony to be given by the foreman adjusting the color transition of the product to the stone, the competency on the application techniques and the choice of auxiliary material by the product will add value to the marble tile.


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