Olive Avantgarde Quarry

The Olive Avantgarde quarry of Efendioğlu Marble has started operating in Başören village of the Azdavay district of Kastamonu province in 2012. The Olive Avantgarde Quarry neighbor the Maroon Marinace quarry, which is also in the same area. Olive Avantgarde is dark brown with a generally homogeneous calcitic veining structure.

Annual Work Time of the Quarry: 10 Months
Machine Park: 1 excavator, 1 wheel loader, 1 rock truck
Number of Employees: 6
Annual Production Capacity: 20.000 Tons
Total Production Volume: 10.000 Tons / Year
Average Block Dimensions: 230 cm x 155 cm x 145 cm
Average Block Tonnage: 14,21 Tons