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    Active Beige

    Our product Active Beige, while one of the products we obtain from our Manisa Beige quarry, is one that has a unique line with its rattling selection structure and one that adds a dynamic aura to the area on which it is used. Preffered by big construction companies, Active Beige has extra endurance due to its breached structure.
    Active Beige, thanks to its nearly 4 Mohs of hardness value, is a product which is hard to scratch or wear. In this sense, it is preferred in places with intense population such as malls, hotels and airports. It is fit for use in both interior spaces and outdoors, on the floors and walls. In addition to this, with its slightly greyish color, it is different from other beiges with a unique overtone.
    The stone is strengthened in this product by applying resin on the front surface and using net and resin on the rear surface.
    While our slab marble thickness standard is 1-2-3 cm, intermediary thicknesses can be provided when high quantities are requested.In our 1-2-3 Cm cut production we can produce standard sizes such as 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, as well as much smaller or larger sizes.
    Some of the projects for which Active Beige was used are: Bakgör City 1-2-3, Alpiş Tuana Houses, Gemlik Central Mosque.

    Active Beige Selection Range

    Active Beige Applications