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    Olive Avantgarde

    Our product Olive Avantgarde, which we get from our Kastamonu quarry, adds a high prestige to spaces with its rich white calcitic texture on a brown background and its homogeneous structure.
    Olive Avantgarde is heavily prederred for interior spaces. While it can be used as the main stone, it also tones in with other stones as a décor stone.
    While our slab marble thickness standard is 1-2-3 cm, intermediary thicknesses can be provided when high quantities are requested. In our 1-2-3 Cm cut production we can produce standard sizes such as 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, as well as much smaller or larger sizes.
    Some of the projects for which the Olive Avantgarde marble was used are: Dedeman Bostancı Hotel Istanbul, Gemlik Ramada Hotel Bursa and Leogrand Hotel Batumi.

    Olive Avantgarde Selection Range

    Olive Avantgarde Applications