Efendioğlu Marble factory is located on 22,000 m² area in Bursa-Turkey, near Yalova – Bursa motorway. Factory has 9.500 m² closed area for production. Yearly slab production capacity is 300,000 m² and cut-to-size capacity is 150,000 m².

Machineries used are mainly of brands such as SIMECBARSANTISEI,  GMM and COMANDULLI. Consumables used in production are of first quality. For quality control systems like Lean Quality Control, Quality Control in Customer’s perspective are used. Efendioğlu Marble has produced and producing for every market in the world and for the top quality projects. Production standards are formed and being further developed accordingly.

Photos From Production

Photos From Quality Control

Quality Control

Efendioğlu Marble, uses systems such as plain quality control and customer eye quality control in its production.
The autonomous and customer eye quality control applied during production are as follows;

Marble blocks, which have come out of the gangsaw and made into slabs, are checked according to their thickness-thinness and flatness standards and their detailed measurement information is recorded.
-Product that have entered the resin line are checked at the resin line exit to see if there were any errors in the processes.
-Slabs which go from the resin line into the polishing line are checked in terms of thickness-thinness, surface brightness and selection at the exit of the polishing line.
-Slabs which have been transferred to the bridge cutting machines for tiling are checked in terms of width-length measurements and miter control etc. after the cutting process.
-Products which have entered the tile line are checked for chipping and in terms of thickness-thinness, width-length, miter and selection at the end of the line and are placed into boxes.

Lastly, the packaged products are subjected to customer eye quality control by quality control, photographed and recorded.