Manisa Beige Quarry

The Manisa Beige quarry of Efendioğlu Mermer has started operating in Seyitoba village of the Saruhanlı district of Manisa province in early 2014. There are 4 different selections from the Manisa Beige quarry. These products are the Agora Beige (15%), Vizon Beige (40%), Active Beige (30%) and City Beige (15%). The products that come from the Manisa Beige quarry are hard to scratch thanks to their hardness thus these create an advantage in crowded areas. The products from our Manisa quarry are also known as the Akhisar Beige in the home market.

Annual Work Time of the Quarry: 11 Months
Machine Park: 3 excavators, 3 wheel loaders, 1 rock truck, 1 truck
Number of Employees: 28
Annual Production Capacity: 150.000 Tons
Total Production Volume: 40.000 Tons / Year
Average Block Dimensions: 220 cm x 155 cm x 145 cm
Average Block Tonnage: 14,09 Tons