Brown marble

In today’s world, marble is a significant design element in modern architecture. The color selection in marble is one of the most important factors to provide the desired beauty to the structures. The marble design can stand out by correctly using and applying the aesthetics in architectural design. Marble design can be defined as visualization of product features and qualities. Brown marble has a critical importance as the marble used for decoration. In the case of having a dark tone, brown marble provides a harmonious appearance with the stones used as main color such as beige.

Architectural design is a something aggregate. The main issues such as the size of structure, the form of structure, construction system, carrier system and the type of covering material (marble, wooden, etc.), the size and application type are analyzed and compared in design process. In this regard, brown marble has great advantage in terms of the harmonization with furniture. The brown marble with light tones can be used as main stone with darker stones and they can be used densely in the structure generally.

In Efendioğlu Mermer, Olive Avantgarde named product is suggested to the customers as dark tone. Maroon Marinace named product which has the Brown tones despite of the density of grey and khaki green colors is offered as light brown marble. These two products offered as brown marble are exported to many countries with high demand of brown marbles notably to Russia in addition to the domestic projects.

Mentioned brown marbles are manufactured in the quarries in Azdavay, Kastamonu and they are exported as raw material in addition to being processed in our plant. Almost 85% of these raw material sales is made to China and around 10% is made to India; the rest is made to several other countries. Especially the low labor and operation costs in China provide efficiency in world markets and make contributions to the promotion of the product around the world besides the profit gained with the selling of raw materials.

Some of the projects of Efendioğlu Mermer executed with brown products are;

  • Georgia Parliament Building
  • Merit Royal Hotel – Cyprus
  • Dedeman Otel Bostancı – İstanbul / Turkey
  • Gold Majesty Otel – Bursa / Turkey
  • Private Emsey Hospital – İstanbul / Turkey


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