Black marble

The dark colored Stones such as black marble are known as an element known with high decorative features in structures. Black marbles support each other when they are used with light colored stones because of creating the contrast and they gain an attractive beauty. In this regard, the use of black marble is an important tool in carrying the beauty of the structure to the high levels.

Our country is rich in black marble as is the case with many other colors of marbles. Black marbles which can be exported in high numbers both as processed product and as raw material are densely found in Central Anatolia Region and surroundings.  Exported to many countries such as United States of America, Russia, Australia, Japan, England and Germany as processed product; black marbles are also exported densely to the countries where there are the marble processing facilities such as China, India, Taiwan and Italy.

In Efendioğlu Marble, Olive Avantgarde named product with the color like dark brown – black is offered as black marble. Despite of its being a new product when compared to many other black marbles found in the market, it has started to be known in many countries around the world. While the dense white grain structure of it features the dark base color; the dark base provides attractiveness to the white grain structure.

Efendioğlu Marble has been used Olive Avantgarde in many projects, first of all in its office building. Some of these projects are as given below: a;

  • – Clarion Golden Horn Hotel – İstanbul / Turkey
  • – Leogrand Hotel – Batum / Georgia
  • – Dedeman Hotel Bostancı – İstanbul / Turkey
  • – Gemlik Hotel Ramada – Bursa / Turkey


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