Beige Marble

When the historical process is assessed, marble has been the main material of structures. In the modern architecture of today, marble has wide use areas as the covering material. One of the most important features of marble is to provide an aesthetic appearance to the constructions. This duty depends on the harmonization with the other materials used in buildings. In this regard, beige marble is the product which has a high preference rate because of its harmonious color by means of its nature.

Beige marble is used densely because of being present in nature commanly, its color which gives peace to the places and its harmonization with many other colors. A great part of the quarry in Turkey has tones which can be defined as dark and light beige.

In Efendioğlu Mermer, beige marble has been offered to sales in various selections. The most differentiating feature of these selections gathered from the beige marble quarries in Manisa is their hardness. As is known, while the hardness of the marble increases; the possibility of scratches decreases. Except for the less scratches, the resistance against abrasion is also known as another advantage of the hardness. Thanks to these advantages, beige marble selections are convenient for being used in the places such as the airport and shopping mall where the traffic is dense.

In ranking the beige marble selections as Efendioğlu Mermer, it can be said that;

  • Agora Beige is featured with the homogenous and aesthetic pattern.
  • Vizon Beige is featured with its specific structure which does not repeat itself.
  • Active Beige provides the dynamism in each use field with the lively selection.
  • City Beige marble underlines the naturalness with rich grain tissue.

Efendioğlu Marble, who can supply rich product range of beige marble, always strives for carry the value of stone to the highest points with the sensitivity shown in processing the stone. In addition to the attention paid to the elements such as thickness, squarness and polishing creating physical quality of products; the stones are selected by their vein structures and the packaging is made by considering their harmonization with each other.

Efendioğlu Mermer’in bej ürünleri ile yapılmış bazı projeler ise;

  • – Bursa Governor’s Office / Turkey
  • – Rixos Premium Otel – Antalya / Turkey
  • – Emaar Square – İstanbul / Turkey
  • – Clarion Golden Horn Otel – İstanbul / Turkey
  • – Leogrand Otel – Batum / Georgia


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