Grey Marble

Grey marbles are both used as decorative products and as the main stone in line with the tones because of having an accent color. There is a tangible increase in the preference rates of grey marbles with expanding market shares in the recent periods. The harmonization gained from the nature of grey color is also affective in this increase of grey marbles. It is a great advantage for Grey Marbles that they are used as combined with dark colors and with light colors.

As is the case many other varieties in different colors, grey marble is seen in almost all the regions of our country which has substantial advantages in terms of marble reserves. The most prominent marble types exported to the four corners of the World both as raw material and as processed product are in Afyon, Kastamonu and Balıkesir regions.

Efendioğlu Mermer offers two different tones of grey marbles to the customers. One of them is “Silver Grey” which is one of the selections gathered from “Marmara” blocks which is extracted from Marmara Island. This product attracting attention with its homogenous structure is used in outdoor fields with its durable structure in addition to the indoor spaces. The other product offered as included in the grey marble class is the one named as “Maroon Marinace”. This product is extracted from the marble quarry located in Kastamonu and is submitted to many regions in Turkey and around the World as in block, slab and tiles. Being preferred especially in the projects to underline prestige, this grey marble is featured with unique color and pattern.

Here are some projects of Efendioğlu where these two types of Grey Marbles are used:

  • Hyundai Department Store – Seoul / South Korea (Silver Grey)
  • Alibey Resort Side Hotel – Antalya / Turkey (Silver Grey)
  • Astana Media Center – Kazakhstan (Maroon Marinace)
  • Sheraton Otel – İstanbul / Turkey (Maroon Marinace)
  • Hilton Hotel – Dalaman / Muğla (Maroon Marinace)


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